Straight Razor Shave

World's Best Straight Razor Shave


Straight Razor Shave

Keep your street cred by letting people know you went under the blade. We both know Blade Craft Barbershop is the only place where snoring is a compliment.

The sensory journey begins with aromatherapy-infused hot towels to soften that beard of steel. Lather chosen for your skin type and condition is then hand whipped. Each shave is equipped with a fresh blade that is brand new and only used on you. Oils or creams are used to create a barrier on the skin. The frothy lather then lifts the hair, and it is shaven. Hot towels continue simulating the condition of the skin after a hot shower. The second and final shave occurs. Cold towels alert you that bliss is coming to its end, and you focus on regrowing your beard to enjoy the service again next week. Embrace prolonging aftershaves and tonics ensue…

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Our beard shaping is a relaxing, luxury experience.
After a consultation, barbering techniques are applied to shape the beard for continued greatness. We can also bring it way down to a shadow, and straight razor outline for definition. Gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and conditioning are coupled with fresh steam towels. Balms, aftershaves, oils, tonics, and well… We’ll see you soon!

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The Shop Club - Dallas

You can find us located inside The Shop Club - Dallas at
9100 SH-183 Frontage Rd, Dallas, TX 75247

Phone Number: 214 - 940 - 3138


Tuesday - Saturday

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Why Choose Us?

Traditional Barbering Techniques

At Blade Craft Barbershop, we offer luxury barbering experience, ranging from Straight Razor Shaves, Tailored Haircuts, Beard Shaping and Women's Dermaplaning.

Luxury Experience

Included in all of our services is a relaxing facial. We use premium products to achieve to create high-quality services and create a tailored experience.

Quality Products and Ingredients

Our hand-selected product lines carry some of the finest ingredients. Proraso is our skincare-meets -beard-and-shave care. Who says you can't experience the best of both worlds!? Fatboy is our "tried and true" haircare line for all needs. LA Bruket is innovation driven by skincare, not chemicals.

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